This site is about the Earthquake monitor called Equake. It is available as an xfce panel plugin, a mate panal applet, a gnome2 panel applet as well as an Android App Widget.

Equake monitors Earthquakes and displays information about it at regular intervals, the information is updated each time a new Earthquake is found. Equake has features such as alerts in case a strong Earthquake happened, displaying details, maps and records of historical information.

All programming, photography and art work by Jeroen van Aart. This site, the server, the OS (Linux), email (Exim), name server and everything else, installed, configured and administrated by Jeroen van Aart.

Equake is (C)2012-2017 – Jeroen van Aart, all rights reserved.

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    Hey, the applet ( XFCE pannel one ) won’t update at all, is there any way of debugging it? Sorry to bother.
    I love that application, you are a genious !! Also, although the app stopped working around 1-2 months ago its still on my pannel 😀

  2. equake Post author

    Thanks for the comment, yes it did indeed stop working March 1 2017 because the USGS site moved to https only. However early March I released an update for each applet and plugin. You can find the posts on this site. There is also an update available in debian unstable (and ubuntu) and it’s waiting to be released in the debian testing queue (stretch).

  3. linuxmint_user_209

    FEATURE req..
    Please I beg of you add color (white in my case) to the blue URL linked events.

    Imagine a stock html page with bgcolor, text, link, alink, etc.. with that default blue on the links… yuk.

    I can’t read blue in my dark theme (killbang wow-ish) xfce4 panel. I am not massive programming guru, but Something as simple as font color = white would work, maybe at $fontcolor in the settings? Seems I am not smart enough to intercept the signal to change the color myself. ;o( bless you if you add this feature.

    Might want to add more feeds.

    1. equake Post author

      Thanks for the suggestion. Right now the links are generated by gtk, I just provide some markup language to have it generated. This means the colour is generated as well depending on the environment. Though I did not look into it yet, but I think you should be able to change somewhere in your desktop environment what colours links will get.

      Looks like that is the case, see:



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