Equake Xfce panel plugin v1.3.8.1 released

The equake panel plugin has been migrated to use https to download earthquake data because USGS will phase out or has phased out unencrypted http access, see also: https://https.cio.gov

It is important to upgrade, due to USGS phasing out unencrypted http access the older version has stopped working. Please read the ChangeLog for more information about this release.

You can download it here:

You can also find it on sourceforge:

2 thoughts on “Equake Xfce panel plugin v1.3.8.1 released

  1. Xfce4-Colors

    So, the fix for the color in the panel being blue (e.g. hyperlinks that you have representing the data for the magnitude of the earthquake) , was to install gnome-color-chooser then change the hyperlinks from that awful blue to pretty “white” or “#FFFFFF”

    Maybe this plugin ‘depends on’ gnome-color-chooser to get the colors right?

    Anyway I am happy wagging my tail. ;o)

  2. equake Post author

    I guess you’re the same person who posted a message a few days earlier about this, glad you got it fixed. It’s helpful information for others.


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