Equake Xfce panel plugin and GNOME applet v1.03.8 released

The highlight of this release is a move to bing maps because of better performance and sensible API for the detailed map display, the USGS map display remains unchanged.

Please read the ChangeLog for more information about this release.

You can download it here:

You can also find it on sourceforge:

3 thoughts on “Equake Xfce panel plugin and GNOME applet v1.03.8 released

  1. Gunnar Heiberg

    Running Xubuntu 4.1.2 on Ubuntu core 16.04LTS
    widget is producing spurious alerts containing garbled data

  2. equake Post author

    I have tested it a few times this year on ubuntu 16.04 LTS and found no issues. It could be related to network issues on your side or a newer version of xfce and/or xubuntu than what I tested has introduced some problems.

    I’ll have to double check using the newest xubuntu liveCD. If possible could you send me a screenshot showing the problem? You can send it to the contact email address you can find in the credits of the about window.

    1. equake Post author

      I tested equake using the newest xubuntu CD 16.04.1. I booted without installing and installed the xfce4-equake-plugin using apt-get. After adding it to the panel I found no problems. It’s showing the data normally. Perhaps something is wrong with your internet connection and the data which is downloaded gets damaged somehow. Or maybe there is something in your specific environment that causes a problem.

      On a fresh xubuntu 16.04 it’s working fine.


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