9 thoughts on “Equake Xfce panel plugin and GNOME applet v1.03.7 released

  1. Henning

    Xfce panel plugin v1.03.6 and v1.03.7 on Linux Mint17
    For about a month the plugin has only displayed “No data available at this time”.
    An update to v1.03.7 do the same.
    The link to http://earthquake.usgs.gov/ works fine.
    Why will equake data no longer update?

  2. equake Post author

    That is unfortunate, I am not sure why this would happen. Perhaps it is just a networking issue. Equake works fine on various debian and redhat flavours, with older stable releases of xfce. Mint 17 appears to use xfce 4.11, maybe there is something incompatible with that version. I will have to download and run mint to see what is up.

    I assume you installed equake from source? I could not find a packaged version for mint. I know someone made a ppa package for ubuntu and a fedora package was created as well.

    1. Henning

      The equake panel plugins are compiled from source.
      I created a .deb package (2.1 MB) I can sent you, if needed.
      I updated to Mint 17.1, but do not remember if it stopped working after that. This update introduced two window managers, xfwm (default, stable) and Compiz.
      In the package manager Mint 17.1 uses xfce 4.10. but the xfce-panel is 4.11.
      According linuxmint 17.1 xfce web site the main components are:
      Linux Mint 17.1 features Xfce 4.10, MDM 1.8, a Linux kernel 3.13 and an Ubuntu 14.04 package base.
      Hope it helps.

      1. equake Post author

        I installed mint 17.1 on a virtual machine and compiled and installed the 1.3.8 source of equake, it runs fine on that setup. I was unable to detect any problems.

        As an extra test I did download, compile and install the 4.12 release of xfce on a debian wheezy virtual machine, I also re-compiled the 1.3.8 release of equake. It was working fine on that version of xfce.

        I wasn’t unable to reproduce the problem you’re having, my guess is it is network related.

        1. Henning

          My network is running as a greased sewing machine without any hiccups except for the missing equake update. Neither does syslog provide any clues.
          I installed Wireshark to pick up the communication with earthquake.usgs.gov (or is it a1146.dscb.akamai.net ?) and it reports the whole handshaking sequence of (L) SYN, (S) SYN-ACK, (L) ACK, (L) GET /earthquakes/feed/v1.0/summary/1.0_hour.csv HTTP/1.1, (S) ACK, (L) FIN-ACK, (S) ACK, (L) FIN-ACK, (S) ACK, where
          (L) local machine with equake-plugin installed
          (S) earthquake.usgs.gov server
          Except from this handshaking no data is otherwise received from the earthquake.usgs.gov server to update the plugin. What puzzles me is why equake-plugin closes the conection with a FIN segment (RFC-793 TCP protocol, FIN: No more data from sender).
          (I’m not a network expert, so it could be a misinterpretation).

          In the panel I have an xfce4-weather-plugin sitting right next to the Equake-plugin and it updates just fine without any problem.

          My Linux Mint 17 (now v2 soon v3) is a Long Term Support release (supported until 2019) which is a long time to wait for a solution. Since it is half a war for me to a fresh install of the current setup, I would much prefer to have the Equake problem solved in isolation.

          I would greatly appreciate your comment(s) and if possible some advise on how to rectify the problem.

  3. equake Post author

    Interestingly the earthquake.usgs.gov site is an alias for earthquake.usgs.gov-v2.edgesuite.net which is an alias for a1146.dscb.akamai.net, though it shouldn’t matter with regards to reaching it. It has ipv6 though, perhaps that causes a problem. I’m kind of guessing here without knowing what the other side is doing. Maybe it’s just blocking your IP address from accessing the csv file?

    The url equake uses to download the csv file is:


    What happens if you try to retrieve it using wget?

    wget http://earthquake.usgs.gov//earthquakes/feed/v1.0/summary/1.0_hour.csv

    Also try to force ipv6 using –inet6-only as argument (or ipv4 using–inet4-only). Also -v (verbose) and -d (debug) may provide more information.

    1. Henning

      I have tried what you suggested and wget does persuade the earthquake.usgs.gov site to send the csv file. Except for the csv file, handshaking is as before. Strangely the equake-plugin does not download the csv file. What is happening?

      wget & wget –inet4-only give same response
      HTTP/1.1 200 OK (text/csv)

      Otherwise the handshaking is as before (Wireshark):

      wget –inet6-only
      Network is not accessible

      csv file not downloaded

      1. Henning

        Checking with tcpdump the GET request initiated by equake-plugin is this:
        GET /earthquakes/feed/v1.0/summary/1.0_hour.csv HTTP/1.1
        Host: earthquake.usgs.gov

        When using wget the GET request is this:
        GET //earthquakes/feed/v1.0/summary/1.0_hour.csv HTTP/1.1
        User-Agent: Wget/1.15 (linux-gnu)
        Accept: */*
        Host: earthquake.usgs.gov
        Connection: Keep-Alive

        There seems to be missing a “/” character from the equake request.
        I can’t tell if has any significance, but would just let you know.

        1. equake Post author

          The extra forward slash would not matter and it was a typo in the comment actually. The wget command does retrieve the file so it probably is something in the tcp request equake sends. I have not encountered this problem before though.

          I can not test it out myself, but it’s good you’re using tcpdump. Could you please run a more thorough tcpdump of the traffic and then send the resulting dump to me by email using the email address you can find in the “about” menu? If you prefer you can attach it to a comment (or paste it). I can leave the comment private if you prefer since it’s raw tcp traffic which may contain information one doesn’t want to reveal.

          For example, this would capture complete packets for all traffic to and from host earthquake.usgs.gov (a value of 0 instead of 65535 should work as well). Just run it, then select the “update” menu item in equake, it should capture only a handful of packets and it will timeout after a few seconds if no response is received.

          tcpdump -w equake.dump -i any -nnvvXSs 65535 host earthquake.usgs.gov

          You can read the dump using:

          tcpdump -nnvvXSs 65535 -r equake.dump


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