Equake v1.09 released

Version 1.09 of Equake and Equakelite is now out on the Android market: Available in Android Market

The highlight of this release is a move to the new data feed of the USGS site. The old data feed has been deprecated by USGS and will soon be phased out. When that happens all old versions will stop working. It’s strongly recommended to upgrade. Additonally there are several minor fixes and enhancements.

2 thoughts on “Equake v1.09 released

  1. RAE

    A very handy plugin for the xfce4 panel. Thank you.

    I was wondering if it would be possible to also report volcanic eruptions
    with this plugin? It would be a nice addition and the data would be
    at the same web site. Just a thought.

    1. equake Post author

      That’s a very good idea, thanks for that. I will certainly try to add it to the upcoming release.


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