Equake XFCE panel plugin v1.03 released

I am happy to announce the first release of Equake as a panel plugin for the XFCE desktop environment. This release is based on the upcoming v1.03 release of the Equake GNOME applet and as such XFCE will have the v1.03 code base first.

This release includes:

– Initial conversion to XFCE
– Added gui driven configuration
– A few cosmetic changes and improvements
– Some minor bug fixes

You can download it here: Equake XFCE panel plugin v1.03

5 thoughts on “Equake XFCE panel plugin v1.03 released

  1. equake Post author

    Thank you. I am not sure if you copy pasted it correctly. The link you provided has one too many “http” and the second one is not followed by a colon. When I correct that and try it it’s working fine. Though I am not sure if what you pasted is how it exactly came from the plugin. I have never noticed a problem like this before. The program is rendering the url conistently in the same manner when I try it.

    For example:



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