Equake v1.04 released

Earlier this year I released version 1.04 of Equake and Equakelite on the Android market: Available in Android Market

Besides a number of bug fixes and improvements in performance I added a lot of new features. Such as:

  • Sorting of a list of earthquakes by magnitude, region and date
  • Quick navigation to top or bottom of a list of earthquakes
  • Ability to reconfigure app while it’s running (also for the Lite version)
  • Added option to increase readability using a semi transparent background (also for the Lite version)

In addition the Lite version will now load a tab with information about the earthquake when you press the info button, instead of loading the market to show the full version.


Equake EQ tab

EQ tab

Equake list of earthquakes

List of earthquakes

Configuration screen Equake

Configuration screen

Equake map of earthquakes

Map of earthquakes



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