Equake Xfce panel plugin v1.03.4 released

There have been quite a few noticeable changes, the most important ones are:

  • Added display of earthquakes of the past seven days
  • Added map links to last hour/day/week windows
  • Added local time in addition to UTC for earthquake events
  • Improved processing of the date and time

Please read the ChangeLog for more information about this release.

You can download it here: Equake Xfce panel plugin v1.03.4

Alternatively there is a 64 bits debian package available here:

Equake Xfce panel plugin v1.03.4 amd64 deb package

You can also get the debian package source from:


Or if you use dget download it with the command:

dget -x http://mentors.debian.net/debian/pool/main/x/xfce4-equake-plugin/xfce4-equake-plugin_1.3.4-2.dsc

6 thoughts on “Equake Xfce panel plugin v1.03.4 released

    1. equake Post author

      I know, thanks for the reminder, I will create an rpm soon. Just busy getting the gnome release out the door…

  1. Filipe Rosset

    Hi guys, I created the xfce4-equake-plugin RPMs for Fedora, so you should be able to install it just typing ‘yum install xfce4-equake-plugin -y’


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